"Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music"

  • A Unique Style That is Sure to Please
  • Multiple Collaborative Releases
  • Available on Soundcloud
  • For sale on Beatport

Disc Jockey:

Ellissentials is a proven master behind the decks.

  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • Clubs Across the USA
  • A Guaranteed Floor Filler


Ellissentials started out as a young pianist at 10 years old. Always enjoying electronic music on video games, and growing up with such movies as "Breakin'" he's really grown to love the genres of Breakbeat, House, Techno and other genre gaps in between. Ellissentials stands for a combination of the artists last name (Ellis) and the word 'essentials.'

Ellis has rocked the settings of HIN (Hot Import Nights) in Boston Mass over 6 years, random bars and clubs through the states, and of coarse quite a few New Years Eve partys. With 9 unofficial CD releases over the years, DJing for over 10 years in the industry,he's looking to continue on in his musical endevors.

Ellissentials' goal by the end of 2011 was MET; to have his productions / mixes dispersed to the masses. Ellis has been working with Ableton Live and various hardware for just over a year, and hopes to produce tracks to make people have no choice, but to dance and get lost in the music. Music is his life, and understands the impact it can truly have on others.

Continue watching out for releases from him, and keep an eye out for new mixsets. In an industry that's often ruled by trends and fads, Ellis' unwavering ability to both destroy dancefloors and stretch musical boundaries over 10 years since he first graced a pair of turntables is quite an achievement.

There's no doubt that his quality skills will be ripping up the scene for years to come.